Teletronics 2Mbps trouble...

Joel Fressa joelfressa at
Tue Apr 23 10:03:56 EST 2002

>On Mon, Apr 22, 2002 at 04:14:15PM -0400, Joel Fressa wrote:
> > Has anybody had any experience (good or bad) with a
> > Teletronics 2Mbps AP?
> > This seems to be the source of my problems. I have an Orinoco
> > and a Melco wireless card in my Linux system. I can ping other
> > hosts on my subnet but I can NOT ping anything outside of
> > the subnets OR the gateway!
> >
> > Seems my packets do not get through the Ethernet link from
> > the AP to the Linux router PC.
> >
>Yep, that sounds like a classic routing problem :)
>   MM

Ok, I should have mentioned. All wireless hosts running Windows
work just fine. So, its not a routing problem that we can see.
That would be easy.



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