Pavel Roskin proski at
Sat Apr 20 11:14:25 EST 2002

Hi, Jim!

> So I edited /etc/pcmcia/orinoco.conf to say:
>     include irq 5
>     module "orinoco_cs" opts "irq_list=5"

I doubt that you need it.

> (And unloaded the modules and restarted Card Services.) But Card Services
> still uses IRQ 11 for the wireless mini-PCI card, as shown by "cardctl
> config" and in /proc/interrupts. Before I go off to a crusade of "use the
> source, Luke", can anyone advise me of the right way to do this?

Please try the "irq_mode" option for the socket driver (I believe it's 
i82365 in your case).  Read "man i82365" for details.

You can set this option in /etc/modules.conf:

options i82365 irq_mode=0

irq_mode=1 means use ISA interrupts for the card.  This usually works is
the PCMCIA bridge is integrated or it's connected to the ISA bus.  It
works on most laptops, but since you are using a mini-PCI card, you
probably need irq_mode=0 - use PCI interrupt of the bridge for the
inserted cards, not just for the card status changes.

The i82365 module tries to select the best mode for you, but it relies on
the existing settings rather that on probing, and often does a poor job.

By the way, make sure you are using the latest pcmcia-cs.

Pavel Roskin

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