About the Orinoco driver GOOD ADVICE

Joel Fressa joelfressa at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 18 08:32:37 EST 2002

>I believe that Orinico 0.11 is the best choice for you.  If you have
>hardware problems with it, then please give details including kernel log
>(output of dmesg) and output of lsmod.

Ok, the system is not here right now but I have another one
I could get info from. Actually, I am not sure it pings anybody
on the subnet or gateway but I know it RX and TX packets just

Let me see if I can get that. But, I do have this to ask...

> >   Right now, I can actually ping across my ISP AP but I can not go
> > through the AP. I can ping another PC on the same subnet but if its not
> > on my subnet OR its an address out on the internet, its worthless. Very
> > very strange. ALSO, I can not ping the AP gateway.
>If you can ping, it's not a hardware problem.  Don't waste your time
>trying all possible drivers.

Can I do anything about the MAC address? The server seems to not
see my PC at all. It almost seems like it can not get a fix on
my MAC address for some odd reason. I honestly think the ISP
has the fault, not me. But, can you think of any reason why
windows PCs can work on it but NOT Linux running the same
exact Orinoco card?

This is a really crazy problem. I suspected the servers firewall
was dropping my PCs packets off but why? I tried other IPs and



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