Orinoco testing + ARM (Byte-alignment problems, it seems)

Pavel Roskin proski at gnu.org
Thu Apr 18 06:19:19 EST 2002

Hi, Ben!

> > I can reproduce this problem repliably both on i386 and ARM with two
> > different cards, both using Intersil firmware.  There are no problems
> > caused by ping on Symbol Spectrum cards on either architecture.  The trick
> > is to use large packets.
> For what it's worth, the manufacturer of the card suggested I use
> the driver from linux-wlan.com.  I haven't yet tried to do that, but
> will let you know what I found out.

I'm subscribed to their mailing list and I often have a desire to suggest
them exactly the opposite, i.e. to use orinoco-cs.  Especially when those
poor guys are trying to build a solid kernel without modules.

Of course to give such suggestions with the straight face we should fix
the "-110" bug.  But still, isn't it good to have a choice?  One driver is
big, standalone, Intersil-specific, and the other is small, integrated
with the kernel and more universal.  Would not it be nice to be able to
pick the driver only based on its design, and not on its bugs?

I hope that we are within days from fixing orinoco driver.  Let's not be 
scared.  One bug is not a reason to switch to a driver with a very 
different design.  One bug is a reason to fix it.

Pavel Roskin

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