Orinoco testing + ARM (Byte-alignment problems, it seems)

greear at candelatech.com greear at candelatech.com
Thu Apr 18 07:17:11 EST 2002

On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> Hi, Ben!
> Of course to give such suggestions with the straight face we should fix
> the "-110" bug.  But still, isn't it good to have a choice?  One driver is
> big, standalone, Intersil-specific, and the other is small, integrated
> with the kernel and more universal.  Would not it be nice to be able to
> pick the driver only based on its design, and not on its bugs?
> I hope that we are within days from fixing orinoco driver.  Let's not be 
> scared.  One bug is not a reason to switch to a driver with a very 
> different design.  One bug is a reason to fix it.

I will be happy to help test any fixes/hacks you have.  I'm glad to hear
others can re-produce it (ie, I'm not (completely) insane :))

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