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Wed Apr 17 10:27:59 EST 2002

On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Reynolds, Alfred wrote:
> I recently acquired a couple of cheap white orinoco cards. Now I want
> to setup a network at home, and to do this I would like to place on of
> the cards in my network access box (i.e my linux machine that runs the
> ADSL).  Does anyone have any recommendations on the brand of adaptor
> to use (or ones not to use) and where I could get them at a good
> price? I plan to run this in Ad-Hoc mode, I can live without an access
> point for the moment :) (once I get a prism2 card I can make my own AP
> anyway ;)

Here in Sydney there are Nokia 16 bit PCMCIA <-> PCI Cirrus logic chipset
cradles available from CX computers (www.cx.com.au), as well as from an
individual over here that has imported some himself.

As he recently posted to the syd-wireless list:

Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 15:46:23 +1000
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NEWS FLASH ;) (Always wanted to do that)..

I have only been able to order 100 cards (they were tight asses in giving
their whole stock and wouldn't discount the remainder), and I am splitting
it in half with Brisbane as a finders fee so Brisbane and Sydney get 50
cards each.

Hopefully the stock should arrive in Sydney about Mon-Tue and have to wait
for customs and hopefully out by Wed'.... Which then I'd have to pay duty
it.. argh !! government !!

Sorry, wrapping and postage is a hassle for me as it is, so these orders
for Sydney pickups ONLY..

Brisbane rep (adam) and I agreed to make the cost $60 a card due to
rate the bank charged me on and the freighting etc..etc..

Also, I just got the employee at Unisys to get me another 50 PCMCIA cards
those who didn't get their orders in time can now order them.. Again, only
pick ups and a 1 month DOA warranty thanks to those Enterasys a$$#*&%#....
Same price $50 a card.

Subject: Order XX x Cradles
Subject: Order XX x Cards

anything else DELETED.....

George Vieira
Systems Manager
Citadel Computer Systems P/L

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