dell laptop internal card details (it works)

Steven Hanley sjh at
Thu Oct 18 22:23:06 EST 2001


So anyway as many people have noticed the recent dell laptops can be ordered
with an internal wireless card. I have however not seen anything on this list
as to what it is, how it works, is it supported or whatever, so I thougtht I
would provide some details.

The card is a proxim 2 based one (like so many others currently) and appears
on the pcmcia bridge in a third socket.

Although dell for soome reason call it mini pci, the card just shows up in
socket 2 on the pcmcia bridge and thus so long as pcmcia is set up to load the
correct drivers for the card it works fine.

I loaded up the orinoco drivers with no problems on such a machine just now
and all is well.

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