Chaining wireless equipment

Tony Langdon tlangdon at
Thu Oct 18 08:14:14 EST 2001

> Hi all,
> The three wireless links are all on separate non-overlapping 
> channels, the
> wireless devices, which all have one wireless card per 
> device, are separated
> by at least fifteen metres and the polarisation of the 
> antennae are not
> necessarily the same :) As Robert and some others suggested, 

Well, unless there's a little sideband overlap (dirty Tx, sloppy Rx?), you
should be right on the RF side at those separations, unless one unit is in
the beam of another (which I doubt, since you seem to have covered the other
bases),it seems the most likely culprit is protocol/timing issues as others
have discussed.

Good luck with getting the bugs out of the system. :)

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