Location, location

Tony Langdon tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Wed Oct 17 15:05:38 EST 2001

> Unfortunately DTED2 (30m posts) is not available (the shuttle 
> has mapped it
> tho) for Australia (might be available soon, its going to be 
> huge at 54mb
> per 1 degree square tho). What is really needed is some kind 
> of dynamic
> vector representation eh? ;) 

Well, I can handle 54 megs, if the other end is fast enough (that's what one
gets cable for ;) ).  Yeah, dynamic vector, or even just having patches of
higher resolution data where it's needed would be nice. :)

210 megs of that stuff should cover all parts of interest for melbournites
(unfortunately, the 145E meridian passes almost through the city, and the
38S parallel passes about 15k south of the city, hence needing all 4

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