Mark Dignam mark at
Wed Oct 17 21:15:27 EST 2001

At 03:04  17/10/01 +1000, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>We are looking at purchasing a number of cards to link a number of 
>semi-remote buildings at our campus, using point to point links.
>We have trialed (borrowed) Compaq WL210 pci cards and have them running, 
>point to point happily. But have yet to try bridging with these cards.
>The question is:
>Are there any wireless cards that support bridging under linux?
>Any documention/ponters/advice on this would be appreciated.

if you don't mind the slow down to 2megs and its only a point2point link,
the older wavelan full-length ISA cards look, feel and act like boring
ethernet cards to Linux, and yes, I can attest that they do support
bridging - well, they certainly passed IPX and Netbuei between the two

But, enabling bridging broke other things (such as being able to ping a PPP
modem link, directly connected on one of the end points) so we swapped to
an IPX tunnel and Netbuei over IP.


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