Orinoco silver, ISA pcmcia adaptor and Redhat 7.1, problems.

Dent, Mike m.dent at lancaster.ac.uk
Tue Jul 31 20:12:28 EST 2001

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> From: Anthony Wesley [mailto:awesley at acquerra.com.au]
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> To: Dent, Mike; wireless at samba.org
> Subject: Re: Orinoco silver, ISA pcmcia adaptor and Redhat 7.1,
> problems.
> Mike, I had these cards working fine in a 2.2.18 kernel, went 
> to a 2.4.7
> kernel and they were not recognised!
> The reason is simple, but annoying - the kernel-based drivers 
> don't scan
> port 0x3e2 when trying to detect the card, so they will not 
> see the ISA
> adapter if you have left it o its default settings (like most of us do
> I suspect).
> The answer is to change some lines in /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia to this:
> PCIC=i82365
> PCIC_OPTS=i365_base=0x3e2

Anthony, thanks for your reply, this did the trick! I had previously tried the
jumper in the
other position too, 0x3e0, which somebody said should work. But taking the
jumper off and
commenting /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia as above worked!

What advantages/fixes are there in the new 2.4.7 orinoco stuff?


> try it and let me know. CONFIG_ISA must also be declared when the
> drivers
> were compiled.
> There have been MANY changes to the way wavelan/
> orinoco cards are handled by the 2.4 series kernels. The kernel-based
> drivers
> have changed quite a bit in each release.
> I think that the kernel you have now will work, but you should think
> about upgrading to the 2.4.7 kernel + the latest orinoco patches from
> David Gibson.
> At this point in time, the only place to get a 2.4.7 kernel with
> Davids latest patches included is
> 	http://www.acquerra.com.au/personal/bird/orinoco
> This is not a public repository, and may go away when David 
> has released
> his latest stuff, maybe in 2.4.8 ??
> (David - do you read this list?)
> cheers, Anthony

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