D-Link DWL-650 & 500

Manuel M. T. Chakravarty chak at cse.unsw.edu.au
Tue Jul 31 18:40:15 EST 2001

I tried to use orinoco_cs with the D-Link DWL-650 card;
unfortunately without success.  So, now I am interested to
get to know the current state of the driver wrt to that

I tried version 0.03 of the driver as distributed with Linux
2.4.3 in both managed (with AP) and ad-hoc mode.  Both
failed.  In managed mode, I got the two following errors in
the system log file:

  Error -110 writing packet data to BAP
  Error -16 writing packet header to BAP

I should probably mention that the AP is a Lucent/Orinoco
station and also, when I tested ad-hoc mode, the other card
was a Lucent/Orinoco.  (I only have access to one D-Link
card, so can't test any other set up.)

I know that 0.03 is not the latest version of the driver,
but couldn't find any log message concerning the D-Link card
in newer versions; so, I guess nothing has changed since

What is the current perception as to how well the DWL-650 is
supported by orinoco_cs?  Has anybody got it to run?  If
not, are there any suggestions as to where to start looking
to fix the oustanding problems? (I need to get this to run
in ad-hoc mode for a small wireless network at home without
an AP.)


PS: What might be interesting to others is that the PCI-PCMCIA
    bridge that accompanies the DWL-650 PCMCIA card in the
    DWL-500 wireless for PCI works out-of-the-box with Linux
    2.4.3.  (I saw an earlier posting on this list, by
    Anthony Wesley, who reported problems; this must be due
    to specifics of that set up.  In general, it definitely

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