Small PCs (was Wireless Access Points)

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Thu Dec 20 14:32:34 EST 2001

"Jamin W. Collins" wrote:
> On Thu, 2001-12-13 at 17:08, JonesMB wrote:
> > I wonder if there is a market for PCs that have the same approx. dimensions
> > as a VCR or DVD player and fit in a home entertainment center or TV
> > stand.  if such a PC existed, you could have one of those in your hall and
> > the AP nearby.
> There are numerous companies making small PC.  I provided the link to
> one such PC earlier (it had integrated modem and 10/100 ethernet).
> ePC-II (by far the smallest I've seen)
> And there are numerous companies making small cases such as:
> Jamin W. Collins

For really small Ethernet devices with serial, check out the SitePlayer:
1" square and only US$29.95 (won't run Linux though, nor will it route!).

On a more serious note, JK microsystems has the uFlashTCP and LogicFlex
(US$149 and US$189), 386's with Ethernet and serial and an O/S (not Linux):
Should be possible to set up as a firewall/router, though.

How about the Technologic Systems TS-5300 with Linux kernel 2.4 included!
US$199 (quantity 100) gets you a 133MHz 586, Compact Flash slot (seen the
802.11b CF wireless cards yet?) and 16MB RAM with Linux ready to go! They
also have the TS-2800, with a 386 CPU.

Megatel Computer Corp also have some interesting Single Board Computers:

My favourite resource for these things is Circuit Cellar magazine. They have
heaps of ads for this sort of stuff. In any case, you don't need to spend
US$1k for a (very) small PC (about 10cm square).


Bob Edwards.

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