Lost my working Windows 98 when adding another

Roger Larsson roger.larsson at norran.net
Thu Dec 20 07:52:59 EST 2001

On Wednesdayen den 19 December 2001 19.37, Jean Tourrilhes wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 07:28:44AM +0100, Roger Larsson wrote:
> > I have tried at least...
> > My understanding is that newer Linux and Window drivers both use IBSS
> > mode as default - correct?
> 	Linux, yes. Windows, it depends on the driver...
> > /RogerL
> 	Jean

Ok, I have been testing a little in Windows (reinstalled drivers...)

The driver config has a "802.11 AdHoc" mode (and AdHoc, infrastructure)
SSID is correct
TxRate is Fully automatic
PS (power save) in Disabled
Channel is correct (2)

WEP 64 bit, manually entered HEX

With the Prism test utility I found out that the mode toggles between:
"Host IBSS" and "Basic Service Set" (BSS)
(the tool has an IBSS mode too...)
In Host IBSS mode I got associated.
After configuring Network (IP, DNS, Gateway) I got connection!!!
But I lost it soon thereafter...

An idea:
- Can there be several "Host IBSS" in a net? If not, I really would like
  the Gateway/Router/Firewall to be that and not one of the clients...


Roger Larsson

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