Lost my working Windows 98 when adding another

Jean Tourrilhes jt at bougret.hpl.hp.com
Thu Dec 20 09:16:48 EST 2001

On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 09:52:59PM +0100, Roger Larsson wrote:
> Ok, I have been testing a little in Windows (reinstalled drivers...)
> The driver config has a "802.11 AdHoc" mode (and AdHoc, infrastructure)
> SSID is correct
> TxRate is Fully automatic
> PS (power save) in Disabled
> Channel is correct (2)
> WEP 64 bit, manually entered HEX
> With the Prism test utility I found out that the mode toggles between:
> "Host IBSS" and "Basic Service Set" (BSS)
> (the tool has an IBSS mode too...)
> In Host IBSS mode I got associated.
> After configuring Network (IP, DNS, Gateway) I got connection!!!
> But I lost it soon thereafter...

	It works, but it's flaky. That's exactly my experience with
Intersil firmwares ;-) Either you upgrade all the firmware, or you use
the good old demo mode (port3).

> An idea:
> - Can there be several "Host IBSS" in a net? If not, I really would like
>   the Gateway/Router/Firewall to be that and not one of the clients...

	In ad-hoc, every node is equal.

> /RogerL


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