How to install orinoco with linux kernel 2.4.9 ?

Bin Zhou binzhou at
Thu Dec 20 02:23:07 EST 2001

Hi, Jamin and all others,

Thank you for instruction. It's really vague in the question.

My objective is to install the orinoco wireless card with the orinoco_cs
drive which is in the source files of the kernel 2.4.9. 
It's attractive because I may need to do further work on it.

Current conditions:
1. I use the kernel linux-2.4.9.
2. I use Orinoc gold card, PCMCIA in the PCI adapter.

My problem is I cannot find the howto to instruct me to do the following. 
1. I cannot find the pci adapter in /proc/pci,
2. There is no PCMCIA module if lsmod.
3. I don't know whether I need to download PCMCIA package or not,
which version PCMCIA should be used with orinoco v006f.
4. How to install orinoco_cs.

Thanks again.

Bin Zhou

On 19 Dec 2001, Jamin W. Collins wrote:

> On Wed, 2001-12-19 at 00:40, Bin Zhou wrote:
> > I cannot find the instruction on howto install orinoco with linux kernel
> > 2.4.9. I need the help from you. Thank you.
> Any chance you could be more specific?  What part of the installation
> are you having problems with?  Are you not able to get the kernel
> modules to compile?  Are you not sure of how to configure your pcmcia
> setting for the orinoco?  Asking for "help" without providing a clue as
> to what part of the "install" process your having problems is extremely
> vague.  If your not sure what you need help with try visiting the
> following page:
> Jamin W. Collins

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