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> Hi list
> I'm considering to buy two Compaq WL100 cards for use in two Linux
> machines, one as AP (linux-wlan in AP mode or Jouni's HostAP driver)
> and one in Station Mode.
> Are there any known problems with this card?
> Also: If I have enabled IP forwarding and IP masquerading already in my
> linux PC, which will be th AP, do I still need bridging to access the
> Internet with the Laptop (station)? Or do I have to use ad-hoc mode to
> avoid the bridging hassles?
> thanks a lot
> daniel

Hello Daniel,
You can use any Prism2 WLAN card that can support AP f/w (please check your internal PDA) but the problem is that you work with RF devices. 
We have tested some Wireless system that you can buy on the Wireless World Market but the problem is every the same; when you use more of one WLAN interface in the same BOX or in proximity you obtain interference or intermodulation.
We have solved the problem with a TX power limitation directly on WLAN card + we use a Converter/Amplifier 2.4GHz with 2Mw INPUT and 100mW OUTPUT.
In this way you can start on the same Box more WLAN interface with any problems.
Other problem is the driver. The last linux-wlan-ng driver don't support AP mode and HOST-AP driver made in Jouni if used with multiple interface need a modification in ToDS section.
This is all..... I forget that we used for our WLAN system MODO  PCI embedded board :))

Best Regards

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