Suggestions : Wireless Modem Access Point

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Wed Dec 12 23:27:23 EST 2001

Alex Satrapa wrote:
> On Tuesday, December 11, 2001, at 10:31 , Tom Gallagher wrote:
> > Heres my scenario : -
> > I am going to buy some wireless LAN cards soon for my small flat (Linux
> > and Win98 desktop PCs + laptop in the future) and I would like to buy a
> > modem access point. I would like a small box that I can sit by my phone
> > socket and then access the internet from any PC in the flat.
> > I have looked at the Buffalo airstation range and also the apple
> > airport.
> The Apple Airports (I and II) are designed for one specific market -
> home users who want to browse the web.
> The Airport doesn't allow inbound connections.

Actually, the Airport does allow inbound connections (aka DNAT), if you
operate it as a router (which nobody is suggesting that you do).

Your proposed architecture is quite good. You forgot to mention CIPE as
a candidate authentication/encryption scheme in lieu of IPSec. CIPE only
works on Linux (and NT and Win2k) and is included as standard in RH7.1
and RH7.2 (ie. no kernel compiling etc. required).


Bob Edwards.

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