Suggestions : Wireless Modem Access Point

Tony Langdon tlangdon at
Wed Dec 12 08:23:06 EST 2001

> Heres my scenario : -
> I am going to buy some wireless LAN cards soon for my small 
> flat (Linux and 
> Win98 desktop PCs + laptop in the future) and I would like to 
> buy a modem 
> access point. I would like a small box that I can sit by my 
> phone socket and 
> then access the internet from any PC in the flat.

A Linux box configured for dial on demand will offer all you need and works
quite well. I uses a dial on demand router for a number of years, before
upgrading to cable (and use another Linux box for that).  My network is
wired, but the principles are the same for a wireless network. 

> network protocols (IRC, ICQ, FTP etc as well as just HTTP), 

This is where you can't go past the Linux solution - it can be made to
masquerade a mind boggling array of protocols (Care to netmeetng someone
from yout wireless notebook? :) ).

> documentation/reviews that say how these devices are 
> configured in terms of 
> auto dialling, hang-up timeouts etc etc.

Look at diald for Linux, it's highly configurable in this regard.

> I was also worried about security of not allowing my 
> neighbours to use my 
> phone line for the internet!  In practice what is the likely 
> hood of this. I 

Run WEP and make sure you change your network ID from the card default.

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