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Wed Dec 12 10:36:06 EST 2001

Wed, 12 Dec 2001 08:58:21 +1100, tu as dit : 

 > WEP is secure for a given value of secure ;)

As always.

 > While it is breakable it ain't trivial. For a typical load on a home network
 > it would require a few hours of sniffing and then a few hours CPU time to
 > crack.

Well the people which would like to sniff the network are probably few
block away. They _do_ have time to sniff for few hours. As software are
available to do that without having to know anything except few C
skills, I would think it's quick easy to do.

 > WEP would stop war driving and it would stop your neighbors
 > accidentally using your AP. 

'Accidentally' ? :-)

 > For web surfing its prolly cool. For shell sessions use ssh (but you
 > do that already right?)

Someone doesn't ?

 > IPSEC would be the best solution BUT its not trivial to
 > implement. Perhaps it would be easier to lock down which MAC's can
 > access the AP?

Probably, but people could still sniff the network. For web you don't
care anyway, except if you use regular pop, which send clear password.

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