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WEP is secure for a given value of secure ;)
While it is breakable it ain't trivial. For a typical load on a home network
it would require a few hours of sniffing and then a few hours CPU time to
crack. WEP would stop war driving and it would stop your neighbors
accidentally using your AP. For web surfing its prolly cool. For shell
sessions use ssh (but you do that already right?) IPSEC would be the best
solution BUT its not trivial to implement. Perhaps it would be easier to
lock down which MAC's can access the AP? 

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>  >> I was also worried about security of not allowing my 
>  >> neighbours to use my 
>  >> phone line for the internet!  In practice what is the likely 
>  >> hood of this. I 
>  > Run WEP and make sure you change your network ID from the 
> card default.
> As Wep isn't secure at all, you might want to use ipsec instead.
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