Orinoco bridge/routing

Dominick, David David.Dominick at delta.com
Tue Aug 28 23:41:25 EST 2001

to do the bridging, you need the firmware patch: Outdoor Router. This is not
free, but works very well.

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If the two lan's are on different ip networks, its easy, do routing.
If it's the same ip network its a bit more complicated but still doable, do

forget bridging.. been there, done that, got the t-shirt.. doesn't work..
(due to limitations in the card firmware(or something like that..) )

	/ Paul

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> Hullo all
> I am shortly going to attempt connecting two LAN's together using two
> silver Orinoco cards and Linux to route. Simple question is has anyone
> done this before, and did it work? :)
> There is no need for me to get an AP, because this is the only wireless
> connection we'll be using for the moment.
> -Phil

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