ZoomAir 4100 PCMCIA card under Linux

mikeoldfield at gmx.net mikeoldfield at gmx.net
Tue Aug 21 04:24:28 EST 2001

Hello list,

first, I would like to introduce myself:
My name is Daniel Hertrich, I'm living in Berlin, Germany. I am 23
years old and I'm studying electric engeneering at TU Berlin with
specialization to communication networks.

I am new to this list.

I am here, because I am currently working on a project at university
which involves wireless LAN.

I have two ZoomAir 4100 PCMCIA cards (802.11b compliant, PrismII
chipset), and I would like to setup one of them as an access point
under Linux, the other as a normal client.

What I have managed so far is to let them work both in their
proprietary ad-hoc mode with the wvlan_cs driver (port_type=3).
This works, but only with low bitrates, I never get more than about
Another disadvantage is that I cannot use iwconfig or
/proc/net/wireless to read any link quality values or so. All these
values are zero. Does anyone know why? Or how it could be changed?

I have tried to use the linux-wlan drivers and to load a tertiary
firmware up to one of the cards in order to make it work as an access
point, but uploading failed everytime, because another value is reda
from the card as the result code than expected (0 instead of 1 or vice
versa - I don't remember exactly, since this was some time ago).

Is there another way to use one card as an access point, preferably
with the wvlan_cs or orinoco_cs driver?
What at all about the orinoco_cs driver? Would that work with the
ZoomAir 4100? Is that driver packaged with the newer pcmcia-cs
packages, or is this only in the linux kernel?

Are there people who have similar setups like mine? Please contact me!

Thanks a lot!


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