netgear cards?

Jean Tourrilhes jt at
Wed Aug 15 04:52:38 EST 2001

Steven Hanley wrote :
> However I am unable to find mention on this list or on
> of netgear. I am
> wondering if anyone knows if this stuff works in linux? Is it something nice
> like simply a rebadged Cisco Aironet card or Lucent Orinoco card?

	It's much more likely to be a PrismII clone. It look exactly
like the SMC/Addtron card, and not at all like a Orinoco or Aironet
(which are very distinctive).
	By the way, I don't know why people spend time looking for new
802.11 cards when there are some many cheap 802.11 cards already
supported under Linux. Yes, I know that PrismII firmwares can be
problematic, but I guess you get what you pay for ;-)

> Also, David, if you are reading this, have you done any work at getting the
> DWL 650 to work?

	The DWL 650 is working with the Orinoco driver as good as a
PrismII card can work (i.e. multicast not supported, encryption not
supported except for the very latest firmware, ibss working only with
the very latest driver patch, ...). This was the PrismII card I had
when I added PrismII support in the driver.

	Good luck...


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