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David Gibson david at
Fri Aug 10 11:30:50 EST 2001

On Thu, Aug 09, 2001 at 10:27:37AM +0200, Paul Wis?n wrote:
> Hmm, is there anybody out there ?
> we are so stuck here..
> wvlan_cs doesn't work well under load. It's being restarted every 10sec.
> orinoco_cs is supposed to fix that.
> our problem is, how do we get orinoco_cs up and running??
> We don't know where to compile it, if we should compile it our selfs. Or
> what to turn on in the kernel
> to get it running directly in the kernel, or being compiled as a module by
> make modules ..
> what feature do we need in the kernel ?
> or
> how do we compile orinoco_cs ?

The easiest way to get orinoco_cs is to use a recent 2.4.x kernel
which includes it.  Just switch it on in your kernel config.  If
you're running a pre 2.4.x kernel I'm afraid you're out of luck until
somebody can find the time to do a backport.

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