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Paul Wisen paul at
Fri Aug 10 19:00:36 EST 2001


I've been trying to find orinoco_cs in the kernel for weeks.. ;)
Now, I got an answer from another guy telling me that its not called orinoco
in the kernel, it's called hermes ..
"Note that it's called "hermes" in the kernel stuff."
Well.. that helps a LOT :)

I'm gonna try to mess around with that today and see if I can get it up and
We are using it to do a jump between tva distant routers in our network
Do you know what mode is the best to do a point to point jump ? Ad-Hoc,
Master and Managed or IBSS ?
The other machine is using wvlan_cs in Ad-Hoc mode, will Ad-Hoc on
orinoco_cs work with that ?

well.. got to go back, need to recompile the kernel.. again! ;)

/ paul

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> Amne: Re: help ! orinoco_cs
> On Thu, Aug 09, 2001 at 10:27:37AM +0200, Paul Wis?n wrote:
> >
> > Hmm, is there anybody out there ?
> > we are so stuck here..
> >
> > wvlan_cs doesn't work well under load. It's being restarted every 10sec.
> > orinoco_cs is supposed to fix that.
> >
> > our problem is, how do we get orinoco_cs up and running??
> > We don't know where to compile it, if we should compile it our selfs. Or
> > what to turn on in the kernel
> > to get it running directly in the kernel, or being compiled as
> a module by
> > make modules ..
> >
> > what feature do we need in the kernel ?
> > or
> > how do we compile orinoco_cs ?
> The easiest way to get orinoco_cs is to use a recent 2.4.x kernel
> which includes it.  Just switch it on in your kernel config.  If
> you're running a pre 2.4.x kernel I'm afraid you're out of luck until
> somebody can find the time to do a backport.
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