buffalo ISA/PCI wireless cards

Jon Knight J.P.Knight at lboro.ac.uk
Thu Aug 9 18:07:48 EST 2001

On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Chris Fenton wrote:
> Buffalo wireless cards look like the cheapest alternatives here in
> Norway.
> They come with both ISA and PCI adapters, and are in stock.
> Has anyone on the list used these cards ?

I've got a Buffalo PCMCIA card in my laptop - its identical to a Lucent
Orinoco Silver card as far as I can tell.  I use the wvlan_cs driver with
it and its fine (even WEP appears to work, though I don't care too much as
I use PPTP or SSH over the link anyway and the access points are on an
unrouted VLAN with just one Linux box that lives on both that VLAN and a
real, routed VLAN). I didn't have any luck with the Buffalo PCI PCMCIA
card though.  Its a Ricoh based PCMCIA chipset but the Linux PCMCIA code
that I tried with it a few months ago didn't like it. The Lucent ISA
PCMCIA card worked fine. 

We've also got a couple of the Buffalo AirStation access points.  These
seem OK - they do WEP, have an easily managed web interface (so you can
manage them from a Linux box fine) and seem to do roaming OK.  *Much*
cheaper than the Lucent access points for roughly the same set of features
as far as we can tell (certainly fine for our testbed around the top floor
of our computer centre).

Tatty bye,


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