DWL-650 and apple airport - WEP compatible?

David Gibson david at gibson.dropbear.id.au
Wed Aug 8 16:01:48 EST 2001

On Sun, Aug 05, 2001 at 03:17:58PM +1000, Brad Hards wrote:
> David Gibson wrote:
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> > As far as I know we haven't been able to get WEP working at all on the
> > Prism II cards (such as the D-Link) :-(
> That's going to be mighty annoying.

You don't say.

> Any idea what the problem might (or might not) be?

Well, we just don't know how to tell the firmware what the keys are.

> I take it that WEP works with the Prism I cards with the hermes/orinoco
> driver, so the problem is likely to be something specific to the HFA3841 or
> HFA3842?

Well apparently the Lucent cards are also HFA384x.  I'm pretty sure
this is a firmware issue.

> Does WEP work with any driver other than the hermes/orinoco driver?

It certainly doesn't work with wvlan_cs.o.  Last I knew I didn't think
it worked with linux-wlan either, but I should check if that has been
added in a recent version.

> Did developers sign the NDA
> (http://www.intersil.com/design/prism/ss/p2smtrx.asp#-PRISM-Driver
> Programmer's Manual) to get the programmers manual, or was most of the code
> reverse engineered? Or is there some other option?

Mark S. Matthews of Absolute Value Systems signed the NDA,
linux-wlan-ng is written based on that information.  orinoco_cs is
based on reading the code from wvlan_cs (derived from Lucent's
published cut-down code, HCF-Light), the AbsoVal driver, and the
BSD if_wi driver (based on both HCF-Light and reverse engineering, I

> Assuming that WEP works with the windows driver, does anyone have a
> recommendation for a windows PCMCIA debug utility that can dump out commands
> (analagous to USB Snoopy - http://www.jps.net/~koma/)?

That would be nice.  I believe SoftICE can do that, but it is not
free (in fact very expensive).

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