DWL-650 and apple airport - WEP compatible?

Brad Hards bhards at bigpond.net.au
Sun Aug 5 15:17:58 EST 2001

David Gibson wrote:
> As far as I know we haven't been able to get WEP working at all on the
> Prism II cards (such as the D-Link) :-(

That's going to be mighty annoying.

Any idea what the problem might (or might not) be?

I take it that WEP works with the Prism I cards with the hermes/orinoco
driver, so the problem is likely to be something specific to the HFA3841 or

Does WEP work with any driver other than the hermes/orinoco driver?

Did developers sign the NDA
Programmer's Manual) to get the programmers manual, or was most of the code
reverse engineered? Or is there some other option?

Assuming that WEP works with the windows driver, does anyone have a
recommendation for a windows PCMCIA debug utility that can dump out commands
(analagous to USB Snoopy - http://www.jps.net/~koma/)?


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