How to get IEEE 802.11 management frames in orinoco_cs

David Gibson david at
Mon Aug 6 16:38:49 EST 2001

On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 01:23:58PM +0300, Jussi Vestman wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Jussi Vestman wrote:
> > Well. I set card to promiscuous mode with ifconfig. Guess
> > what? __dldwd_ev_info() is now called about every tenth
> > second in promiscuous mode. This seems to happen even if

Ok, that's certainly progress.

> > there exists no network. Only problem is that I don't manage

What do you mean by "no network"?

> > to read packet with hermes_bap_pread without errors, so the
> > header I get, is probably bogus. hermes_bap_pread() returns
> > value -5, which meaning is "Success" according to perror()!

Err... how did you arrive at that?

> And -5 means I/O error according to asm/errno.h..

Yes, EIO is correct.  That means we are getting an error reported by
the hardware/firmware (not sure which) while attempting to seek the
BAP.  I'm not entirely sure what this error condition means - we seem
to get it randomly when under high load.  If you're getting it
consistently here that might explain some things about it.

Two things to check:  first make sure you are using BAP 1 (IRQ_BAP) to
read the packet - otherwise the read could conflict with an access
from the Tx path or from an ioctl().  Second make sure you are using
the frame id from the INFOFID register, not from RXFID.

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