How to get IEEE 802.11 management frames in orinoco_cs

Jussi Vestman vestman at
Thu Aug 2 20:23:58 EST 2001

On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Jussi Vestman wrote:

> Well. I set card to promiscuous mode with ifconfig. Guess
> what? __dldwd_ev_info() is now called about every tenth
> second in promiscuous mode. This seems to happen even if
> there exists no network. Only problem is that I don't manage
> to read packet with hermes_bap_pread without errors, so the
> header I get, is probably bogus. hermes_bap_pread() returns
> value -5, which meaning is "Success" according to perror()!

And -5 means I/O error according to asm/errno.h..

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