mounting cifs directory and the AD options "use only workstation"

Bjoern_Gam at Bjoern_Gam at
Thu Aug 21 14:00:21 GMT 2008


we're useing a simple security trick at our AD. The users can only use some workstation for login and not the whole bunch of our servers. Im so sorry, but I don't now the exact english translation of it. So at the german AD enviroment you have the option: "Konto\Anmelden". At the english env. it must be something like: "Account and Login".

So if I'm trying a "mount -t cifs //win_server/user/myself /mnt/windows -o username=user at 

Im getting a #13 error-message.

If I'm adding our two domain-controllers "Login"-Part of the AD i'm getting the same errormessage. But if I allow the users to login at every server. The mount command works pretty good.

So any idea? Any special options? We're using: samba-version 3.2.0-22.1


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