UID and TID, samba regresison

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Jun 27 15:19:52 GMT 2005

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jeanmichel.123 at free.fr wrote:
> On both
> smbclient Version 3.0.14a-Debian and Version 2.0.8
> an error appear when printing.
> This error does not happend with samba-1.9.18p8 or windows 2k (2000).
> The error is:
> ERRSRV - ERRaccess (The requester does not have  the  necessary  access  rights 
> within  the specified  context for the requested function. The context is
> defined by the TID or the UID.) opening remote file stdin-30195
> It looks like uid is set to 0 by Version 3.0.14a-Debian, when it is set to unix
> uid, by samba-1.9.18p8.
> This happend in a workgroup environment (withuot domain).
> The printserver is a "NetportExpress(tm) PRO/100 single port", on which no
> username is needed to connect on.
> According to ethereal, the uid is yet differing at the "negociate protocol
> request step".
WOuld you mind sending me a raw ethereal trace from the windows 2000
client printing successfully and smbclient failing ?  Thanks.

cheers, jerry
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