error mounting dfs share

marinerux at marinerux at
Mon Jun 27 09:44:08 GMT 2005

Hi there, 

I have a older SUSE 7.3 which needs to munt an dfs share.

I compiled smaba in the version 3.0.14 a with the parameters:

- ./configure --with-smbmount --with-automount
- make 
- make install

No error occured.
So i tried to mount the dfs share with:

smbmount // /mnt/winsan/test/ debug=8 
username=CH-Service-165/europe credentials=/etc/smbmountpasswdAD

the following error showed:

6100: tree connect failed: ERRDOS - ERRnosuchshare (You specified an invalid
share name)
SMB connection failed

Can someone help me to mount this dfs share?
What else does smaba need to connect to dfs shares?

Thank u, 


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