Contradiction in samba documentation

Sahibzada Junaid Noor sjunaidn at
Tue May 18 15:30:39 GMT 2004


  I have found some contradictions in the samba
documentation. i am writing them down here so if you
can please verify them.

  in heading 4.3.3 of the documentation it says

  " When samba is operating in security  = domain mode
, the samba server has a domain security trust account
( a machine account) and causes all authentication
requests to be passed through to the domain

ok this means the windows domain controller is going
to do the authentication, authorizing stuff.

 now look here

 under heading 7.3 there is a note which says

" when samba is configured to use an LDAP , or other
indentity management and or directory service , it is
samba that continues to perform user and machine
authentication. it should be noted that the LDAP
server does not perform authentication handling in
place of what samba is designed to do"

now what does this means?

according to 4.3.3 samba sends all authentication
requests to the windows AD. in 7.3 it says that it
doesnt send requests at all. then why will it use an
LDAP backend?

plz comment on this.


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