Windows NT, long filenames, drag-n-drop, files not found

Christian Anders C.Anders at
Tue Jan 27 07:35:12 GMT 2004


I have a problem using drag-n-drop with files that are located on samba
and that are not following the Dos 8.3 file convention, with a cmd-file on a
Windows NT Workstation.

I am running Windows NT Workstation with Service Pack 6a in connection with
Samba 2.2.8a shares

on Suse Linux 9.0 Kernel 2.4.21-166. 

By double clicking such a file with a suffix like mdb, doc or xls the
programs associated
with these suffixes will open and load the files without any problems.

Here comes the problem: On the NT Workstation I have a small cmd-file.

ECHO "%1"
copy "%1" c:\

When I am using the file as follows 

test.cmd H:\1234567890.mdb  

test will copy the file from the samba share to drive c:. No Problem.

Now using drag-n-drop H:\1234567890.mdb onto the icon of test.cmd
results in the following messages

The system cannot find file .....

0 File(s) copied

The problem is specific to Windows NT Clients. It does not occur on Windows
XP clients.
The problem is specific to Samba Server. It does not occur on Windows
I can switch that problem on and off with samba parameter mangled names.
But it not possible to configure mangled names = yes. So I am looking for
a solution within Windows.

Thanks in advance

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