Solaris using 2.2.8a to Windows 2000 SP4 issue

John B. Scalia jscalia at
Mon Aug 23 15:14:08 GMT 2004

Hi all,


I downloaded the binary distribution for Solaris last week, but can't get
everything to work 100%. I have started both smbd and nmbd by hand using an
smb.conf file cobbled together from the examples directory. smbclient
reports the shares correctly and I can access them on the Sun system using
smbclient. The Sun evens shows up on my PC's Network Places window. BUT, I
can't seem to do anything on the PC that will access the shares I've
defined. I keep getting a "Sun1 is not accessible" error. I also get access
denied when trying "Net" commands from a Dos window.


My smb.conf:



domain master = no

local master = no

preferred master = no

os level = 0

workgroup = CityBlue

netbios name = Sun1



browseable = no

read only = no

create mode = 770



path = /tmp

read only = yes

public = yes



path = /usr/spool/ftp

public = yes

writeable = no

printable = no


I know that I've got more configuration to deal with, but I thought this
might be a minimal setting to allow testing and build upon that, but now I'm
confused and open to suggestions.





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