SMB and NFS question

John P. john at
Sun Mar 23 01:11:51 GMT 2003

I've got a really weird question:

I have Windows system A, with a share named "files".

I have a Linux server B, mounting the share in /opt/files

I want my other Linux computers C through F to mount /opt on B and have
access to the files directory.

The SMB mount works fine on B. All files are accessable.

I can NFS mount the B:/opt directory just fine from C-F, but the
/opt/files directory is empty.

Somehow NFS is not letting the SMB share pass through.  A and B are on a
192.168.0.* subnet and B - F are on a 10.0.0.* subnet.

Any ideas?

John Perkins
Biway Media

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