XP group membership problem on PDC- any ideas?

Aaron D. Nelson orion at waveland.us
Fri Mar 7 06:20:51 GMT 2003

Trying to add   "MYDOMAIN/Domain Users"   to the "LOCALMACHINE/Power 
Users"   group results in the following error:

Information returned from the object picker for object "Domain Users" 
was  incomplete. The object will not be processed

A similar problem happens with the default "Domain Admins" group (which is 
by default added to "LOCALMACHINE/Administrators") is that  logging in as 
root, does NOT give administrative privileges.  For this, the workaround is 
to add "MYDOMAIN/root" to the "LOCALMACHINE/Administrators" 
group.  Unfortunately, this doesn't work for "Domain Users" because it 
doesn't scale (can't add 100 users to every machine!!!!!).  Windows 2000 
machine's group membership in a similar manner works 100% properly.

Is this an XP issue or a Samba issue???  Does anyone know of any workarounds?

Machine info:
RedHat 8.0
Samba 2.2.7
x86 RAID server.

XP professional machines have the registry hacked (properly?) to 
authenticate through the samba PDC
requiresignorseal = 0
signsecurechannel = 0

Aaron D. Nelson
PH: 410.262.2766

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