Iain Furneaux iain.furneaux at
Thu Jan 31 15:17:39 GMT 2002

Have you tried giving authority using the smbpasswd program and then
inserting either

public = yes
users = username

in the smb.conf file ?

then mount it with 

smbmount //server/sharename -U username -c' mount /mount/point'

Thorsten Brabetz wrote:
> Uhm... hopefully I will not confuse you more than help, because I am a bloody
> greenhorn myself... however, I had a similar problem...
> How did you install the clients? If you used the SAMBA daemon (smbd), I can't
> help you, as I have not played with it myself. If you however used either
> smbmount, or smbclient, be warned that both by default install as "read
> only"... I fell for the same trick.
> The call must be e.g.
> smbmount //server/share /mountpoint -o rw
> -o means option, and rw allows read AND write access...
> More details/options can be found in the man pages for smbclient and
> smbmount. You should be able to look at the man pages by typing either
> man smbclient
> or
> man smbmount,
> respectively, in any terminal window.
> Be warned that if you have more than one option, all options have to be
> seperated by commas WITHOUT space, or otherwise only the FIRST option will be
> fulfilled... The first space is regarded as the end of the option lines by
> either smbclient or smbmount...
> Hope that sort of helped.
> Best wishes
> Thorsten
> On Wednesday 30 January 2002 21:45, Jon Swanson wrote:
> > I am new to Linux and Samba, and am trying to configure my first server.  I
> > am at the point where I can see the server and the shares I have created,
> > but I am not able to write anything to the shared folders because it says
> > that there is a "Network write error, no space available on the server" in
> > a blue screen on the client. This should be very simple, but I am very new.
> > All I want to do is configure a server that has authentication of the users
> > and share the rest of the drive space for file sharing and common server
> > based programs. I would appreciate if someone would point me in the write
> > reading, help, or where to go from here. Thanks--Jon Swanson
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