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Thu Jan 31 14:23:40 GMT 2002

Uhm... hopefully I will not confuse you more than help, because I am a bloody 
greenhorn myself... however, I had a similar problem... 

How did you install the clients? If you used the SAMBA daemon (smbd), I can't 
help you, as I have not played with it myself. If you however used either 
smbmount, or smbclient, be warned that both by default install as "read 
only"... I fell for the same trick. 

The call must be e.g. 

smbmount //server/share /mountpoint -o rw

-o means option, and rw allows read AND write access... 

More details/options can be found in the man pages for smbclient and 
smbmount. You should be able to look at the man pages by typing either

man smbclient


man smbmount, 

respectively, in any terminal window. 

Be warned that if you have more than one option, all options have to be 
seperated by commas WITHOUT space, or otherwise only the FIRST option will be 
fulfilled... The first space is regarded as the end of the option lines by 
either smbclient or smbmount... 

Hope that sort of helped. 

Best wishes


On Wednesday 30 January 2002 21:45, Jon Swanson wrote:
> I am new to Linux and Samba, and am trying to configure my first server.  I
> am at the point where I can see the server and the shares I have created,
> but I am not able to write anything to the shared folders because it says
> that there is a "Network write error, no space available on the server" in
> a blue screen on the client. This should be very simple, but I am very new.
> All I want to do is configure a server that has authentication of the users
> and share the rest of the drive space for file sharing and common server
> based programs. I would appreciate if someone would point me in the write
> reading, help, or where to go from here. Thanks--Jon Swanson


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