unix to unix client/server

Urban Widmark urban at teststation.com
Sun Feb 3 14:50:56 GMT 2002

On Sun, 3 Feb 2002, Mark Price wrote:

> I am new here, and don't know if introductions are desired here, so I am
> ready if one is wanted.

I for one will gladly answer a question and then forget all about it. Ask
again next week and I will most likely have no idea who you are. You'd
have to introduce yourself every time. (goldfish syndrome?)

> I am trying to set up client authentication/directory services on several
> Solaris machines, connecting to a samba server running on Red Hat
> What seems to be the main interesting thing about the situation (hopefully
> to the list in general) is that while there seems to be copious
> documentation on running
> 	Windows client to Windows CIFS/SMB server
> 	Windows client to unix samba server
> 	unix client to Windows CIFS/SMB server
> there does not seem to be _ANY_ documentation on the web for doing
> 	unix client to unix samba server

What difference does it make if it is a samba server or a windows smb
server? A goal (at least in my opinion) of samba is to behave like a
windows server does.

The samba client tools connect to a windows smb server or a samba smb
server in the same way. So the docs for your 3rd item should in most cases
also apply to your 4th. Or?

The smb-clients list is pretty quiet, most people use the samba list.
You may want to ask there instead, after taking the mandatory look in the
list archives:

Your questions are not specific enough for me to even know if I know what
you are asking.

You hinted at something not working with smbclient. I think you have a
greater chance of getting help if you post the exact command used and the
output you get, with a description of your setup (authentication/directory
services could be a lot of things ... AD, LDAP, or just a PDC and then is
the samba box PDC or do you have a separate windows box for that ...)


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