unix to unix client/server

Mark Price prim0001 at unf.edu
Sun Feb 3 09:09:35 GMT 2002

Hi List

I am new here, and don't know if introductions are desired here, so I am
ready if one is wanted.

Else, here is a short description of the situation:

I am trying to set up client authentication/directory services on several
Solaris machines, connecting to a samba server running on Red Hat
What seems to be the main interesting thing about the situation (hopefully
to the list in general) is that while there seems to be copious
documentation on running
	Windows client to Windows CIFS/SMB server
	Windows client to unix samba server
	unix client to Windows CIFS/SMB server
there does not seem to be _ANY_ documentation on the web for doing
	unix client to unix samba server
although I reserve the right to be absolutely wrong, possibly not having
looked in the right place, and not counting the man page for smbclient,
which would be a moderately helpful program if it could get me a
connection to the server.

If I am wrong about the lack of documentation, would the list please
correct me, and direct me toward some of it?
Or, perhaps we could use my case as something with which to start
correcting the lack?


Mark Price

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