Mounting a Drive on an Windows 2000 Server, using an MS PAC

Urban Widmark urban at
Wed Aug 14 17:21:38 GMT 2002

On Tue, 13 Aug 2002, Peter Wagner wrote:

> Hi,
> i have installed an running a solution to log on my RH 7.3 Box to an Active
> Directory using an authorization credential (PKCS#12).
> Therfore i got an MS PAC, telling me, that i was logged in.
> Does anyone know a Solution for mounting Windows Shares using this MS PAC? I
> want my System to automaticaly mount an Home Drive for the Users ...

This is using the Samba 3.0 CVS branch or one of the alpha snapshots?
You have seen the howto describing how to set this up for smbclient?
And possibly done that so that you can connect with smbclient?

There is a small patch needed for samba 3.0 (I have one vs the
3.0-alpha17 snapshot) to enable smbmount to connect to a windows server
in AD.

You also need a kernel patch to enable NT status codes for smbfs. I have
one for 2.4.19, but there was some mismatch in it so it would give the
wrong error code if a file didn't exist and that made it impossible to
create new files.

I can send you these patches, or if you wait a bit updated ones for the
latest versions. But if you haven't made smbclient work you should
probably start there. I can dig up the URL to the Samba-AD document if 
you don't have it.


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