[Samba] Online AD Backup fails with "no auth" in 4.20?

Luis Peromarta lperoma at icloud.com
Thu Jun 27 12:46:37 UTC 2024

Hopefully other senior members can help, I would not know what else to suggest.

In my case it’s been the other way around . It works on DCs, not in members.

/usr/bin/samba-tool domain backup online --targetdir=/root/samba-ad-backup-dc1/ —server=dc1 -UAdministrator%My$ecretPassword

Has always worked in DC, actually all my DCs run this daily and keep 10 copies.

On Jun 27, 2024 at 13:38 +0100, Matthias Kühne | Ellerhold Aktiengesellschaft via samba <samba at lists.samba.org>, wrote:
> Hey Luis,
> on the member server:
> # net ads testjoin
> Join is OK
> # wbinfo --ping-dc
> checking the NETLOGON for domain[AD-ELLERHOLD] dc connection to
> "rad-2.ad.ellerhold.lan" succeeded
> SSH login to this member works, Access via SMB works... all good!
> Our AD is healthy as far as I can tell... all services work as far as we
> can tell.
> The same command on a member server with 4.19 still works. Using another
> domain member with 4.20 fails too. The tickets was created fresh today.
> The package "samba-ad-dc" is installed on all DCs and was never
> installed on the domain members.
> Just for completeness: the upgrade to 4.20 was around 2 weeks ago and
> this failing backup was pushed time and time again because we had other
> (unrelated) bigger problems.
> Regards, Matthias.

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