[Samba] Random permission denied and path not found errors

Tamas Papp t.papp at spectral.hu
Mon Jun 17 13:53:13 UTC 2024

hi All,

I have a problem that is way beyond my Samba knowledge skills and 
capabilities. I would appreciate your advice.

This is a VFX company with W10 clients and Windows and Linux servers. 
Currently, there is a project migrating shares from W2K16 to Linux. The 
Windows server (from this point of view) services the storage backend in 
a reliable way. The clients are workstations and render machines.

In numbers:

- Windows storage: 90TB

- Windows WS: ~30

- Windows render machines: 7

Now there is a Linux server with Ubuntu 22.04 (samba 
4.15.13+dfsg-0ubuntu1.6). Its configuration is 128GB RAM, E5 CPU, 
Samsung PM893 SSDs in ZFS raidz3. There are some Incus containers with 
Samba packages in them.

The problem is that in certain cases render jobs reports the a path is 
not available or a file is not accessible for write (permission denied). 
The path is there and the user has permission. In addition, after a 
while the render job recovers and is able to write the file or read the 
path. The network speed is between 1Gb/s - 4Gb/s (changing fast), the 
load is between 1-3.

I will need to measure these better in the future.

Any idea, what's going on and how could I track this down?

Thank you,

*Tamás Papp*
IT Manager
Spectral Studios <https://spectral.hu>

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