[Samba] DC upgraded to 4.20.1 - issues

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Fri Jun 7 07:24:22 UTC 2024

07.06.2024 10:00, Stefan G. Weichinger пишет:
> Am 07.06.24 um 08:45 schrieb Michael Tokarev:
>> Please check version of samba-ad-dc package, - is it the same as other
>> samba package versions?
> that package isn't installed according to "apt-cache policy" !
> Seems it got lost while upgrading.

This is either another side-effect of the way apt and debian backports works,
or you just didn't have that package installed.

I created samba-ad-dc package initially as just a meta-package which depends on
all components needed for ad-dc functionality, while main binaries and startup
scripts were in main samba package (plus ad-dc needed a few more components).

And in current 4.20.1 debian packages I moved ad-dc server binary from samba
package to samba-ad-dc package.

In the NEWS file there's an entry about this move/split suggesting to install
samba-ad-dc if you want to run ad-dc.  Unfortunately many users just skip news
these days.



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