[Samba] Spotlight performance

Perttu Aaltonen perttu.aaltonen at mac.com
Mon Jun 3 08:34:26 UTC 2024

When comparing to native macOS Spotlight searches, the Samba & elasticsearch combo is much slower, at least for me. Samba takes minutes to return a few hundred results, while native macOS returns thousands of results in a few seconds. This is remotely over a mobile connection, LAN is probably better.

Is this due to the missing Spotlight RPC packet fragmentation support mentioned in the Spotlight wiki article? Or do I have a bottleneck somewhere? There are about 10 000 items in elasticsearch at the moment, so it should fit in RAM. The database is on another VM but on the same physical host.

I see a lot of back and forth network traffic when the results are displayed, so to me it looks like it could be due to fragmentation, while the native results seem to come back in a big chunk.


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