[Samba] DDNS, DHCP and AD

itdept_head itdept_head at grown-up.com
Fri Mar 24 03:10:49 UTC 2023

One solution is to change the order of your DNS server: your PC's DNS 
points to AD, and AD forwards queries to your bind server. But I don't 
this: how do you deal with the DDNS and the ip change of AD?

Otherwise just use static IP for your station1 or server.

You have to be careful with this....
1. DNS order is NOT guaranteed....,ESP. with caching.. some OS very helpfully added latency checking.
So you do this, and it propagates to the clients you can get all sorts of odd behaviour.

2. It's very bad practice to set fixed DNS IP's  at the client, specifically because  the DNS should be your AD server
But if the computer is a portable, the user then goes outside your AD environment and... your DNS is broken.
Unless your AD is publicly visible.

Then to top it off MS , allows the DNS to be set at the interface by admin, which can propagate down into the  network settings , (public/private/etc)

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