[Samba] Synology shares not accessible...

itdept_head itdept_head at grown-up.com
Tue Jul 4 02:34:52 UTC 2023

I have had many discussions with Synology about this and other   attitudes they have been displaying in the last few years.
Also if you log into their NAS, using  ssh and take a look at some of the comments that have been added into the "ETC" configs, it makes it very clear.

They have also been removing any  posts relating to methods or help given in the forums that relate to SAMBA , many posts are now  missing links.

It seems they are determined to break interoperability  with main line SAMBA & also MS AD services, instead spinning off a semi functional version that only works with clients & not other AD's

Specifically they seem to only want it to work with "Synology" type systems.

They have significant other issues related the integration of  Samba & the underlying file systems, ESP. related to security....

We had a large investment in SYNOLOGY  , specifically because it allowed us to spin up  remote  offsite offices in many countries at a lower cost, and integrate basic security services cheaply.
Moving forward, We would expect direct SAMBA compatibility to continue to get significantly worse.


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Mostly you have second what I thought already. At least what they say 
about using an old Samba version.

Another thought just accured to me: But why they changed it after three 
years the change is already in use. Why now? But as you said, that's 
something only Synology can answer.

https://github.com/WAdama <https://github.com/WAdama>

Rowland Penny via samba schrieb am 29.06.2023 um 10:00:
> My reading of the above (which could be wrong) is:
> A respected member of the Samba team decided that using 'lookupsids' 
> wasn't required just to find out if the SID was a user or group, other 
> Samba team members agreed and the code was altered and backported to a 
> couple of earlier versions.
> It would seem that synology disagreed with this, possibly because of 
> other changes they have made (that is a pure guess) and have reverted 
> that change, or to put it another way, they seem to have forked Samba. 
> On top of that, they seem to be recommending using old EOL versions of 
> Samba, versions that could contain bugs that have been fixed in later 
> versions, these 'bugs' could be CVE related.
> What conclusions to make from that is up to you, but this just 
> confirms what I thought about synology.
> Rowland

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